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Fast delivery.

Exceptional service.

Single source representation of many factories.

Loyalty and trust built though personal service.

No-fee Program.

Expand your Website offerings with new products from Domestic and Worldwide Markets.

Chelsea Home Furniture brings to your website a refreshing mix of new products with fast deliveries and exceptional customer service.

Our “One-Stop-Shopping-Experience” is the Most Hassle-Free- System Available for Retailing Furniture Online!

Spanning 3 generations the owners of CHF have been in the furniture distribution business from over 80 years.



In 1931 the Company was started by picking up bed springs off the streets in a push cart, refinishing and reselling them wholesale.


Today, as the world has changed, the Company now wholesales furniture to the ecommerce retailer, giving our customers a lasting bond of loyalty, trust and an efficient system for selling the best American furniture.

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